Report calls for one organisation to speak for events industry

Findings from a report looking into the challenges faced by events professionals call for the creation of just one organisation to provide a voice for the industry, reports

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Events has spoken in support of a single professional organisation to stand forward to form a more unified, coherent and consistent relationship with the government.  

Cited by, the document highlighted that the industry’s current representative in the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) is made up of 20 different bodies, while many other event organisations liaise with the government on a frequent basis.  

MP Nick de Bois, who chaired the APPG’s inquiry, said industry professionals should be looking to focus more on supporting the BVEP than setting up their own groups to get their opinions heard. 

“It is all about influence, and it is more effective for smaller trade organisations to work together under that umbrella body – that way, we have a collective influence that is greater.”

Mr de Bois said the scrapping of the BVEP’s formation wasn’t necessary, but claimed there was a need to “join the dots up” in some circumstances.

“There is a need that a stronger and more united voice comes from within the industry,” he added.