Report predicts meetings will increase by 8 per cent in 2011

Meeting venues in London and around the world are set to benefit from a ‘positive change’ in the coming year, Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) FutureWatch 2011 study has found.

The report, which is published today includes insight from more than 450 industry professionals in 20 different countries. The document indicates that the volume of meetings, the number of attendees and the overall spend will see moderate increases during 2011. The report projects an 8 per cent increase in the number of meetings planned, which will boost bookings at conference centres, it is thought there will be a 5 per cent increase in the average spend.

Bruce MacMillan president and CEP of MPI told Meetpie: “After two challenging years for the business of our industry, we’re back with FutureWatch 2011 responses indicating material real growth in activity of 8 per cent.”

“FutureWatch 2011 also indicates that this is the year when recent industry forays into virtual events and collaboration through social media will become increasingly mainstream. Thinking outside the room to drive performance through connectivity is becoming entrenched.”

The research looks at four trends making meetings more strategic, followed by in-depth data on crisis collaboration amongst planners and suppliers and considers five key areas of technology which are impacting the industry. According to Bill Voeglei president of Association Insights, the report contains resources including links to webinars which would help industry professionals use the data in their day-to-day business.