Report predicts visitors from emerging nations will boost tourism in UK

The number of tourists visiting Britain from emerging nations is expected to surge in the future, claims a report by VisitBritain.

According to The BBC, the number of visitors from China will increase by 90% by 2014, however the majority of tourists will still come from traditional European and North American markets. In fact, it’s expected that the 3.3 million visitors predicted to visit the UK by 2014 will come from France, Ireland, American, Germany and Spain.

VisitBritain also predicts that the number of Indian visitors will grow by 29%, there will be 24% more Russian tourists and the number of people coming over from Brazil will increase by 32%.

It’s all thanks to the Olympics, which Sandie Dawe, chief executive of VisitBritain, said will provide a “once in a lifetime boost” to tourism. “The challenge for Britain is that competition is getting tougher every year and we are not immune,” he said. “I am confident that we will come through the challenges ahead.”

The report explored the reasons why people chose to holiday in Britain, and found that relaxing, “well-being” breaks, the diversity of galleries and museums and sampling British pubs were popular reasons. The report, which is extremely useful for event spaces, also found that people were increasingly choosing experience over service and opting for the most authentic British holidays.