Research points to tourism boom arriving after 2012 Games

London 2012 will only help to boost tourism after a successful games has been hosted, recent research suggests.

In figures listed by, a study from Euromonitor International indicated that holidaymakers heading to London for the Games will account for 1 per cent of the UK’s inbound market for 2012, with the number of international tourists rising by just 2 per cent from readings last year.

Due to this, talking at the World Travel Market (WTM) Vision Conference in London, Euromonitor’s International head of travel and tourism research, Caroline Bremner, told attendees that the UK’s real tourism boom will come from return trips.

Ms Bremner was also quick to point out that roughly 70 per cent of general sale tickets for the Olympics went to UK residents, meaning future business for London located restaurants and event venues could be dependent on staycations being taken after the games.

Another speaker at the conference, Fiona Jeffery of the World Travel Market told businesses not to worry about a lack of immediate pick-up in revenue and to look long-term for growth.

Cited by, Ms Jeffery said: “Euromonitor International’s findings suggest that while the number of international visitors may appear modest, the real benefit of London 2012 could be the long-term boost to domestic tourism.”