Roads in central London to be closed for Royal Wedding

Roads throughout central London could potentially be closed for three days prior to the Royal Wedding, to allow police to check the safety of the route.

An even wider area will be shut down on the actual day of the wedding, April 29th, meaning local residents will be unable to travel by car or public buses for a period of time.

It is crucial that police check the route in advance for safety reasons, particularly after the recent incident involving an attack on Price Charles and Camilla. This will ensure all invited parties are able to travel to and from the ceremony and wedding reception venue without fear of being hounded.

A spokesperson for Westminster Council yesterday claimed: “It is too early to confirm how many days the road will be shut for,” however added that the current estimate was three days in The Daily Express.

Reports have suggested that Transport for London, Westminster Council, the Royal Parks Agency, Clarence House and the Metropolitan Police will work in partnership to decide which roads will be closed and when. It is thought Kate Middleton, bride-to-be of Prince William, will travel through the route in a state-owned vehicle – potentially the Rolls Royce Phantom VI that Prince Charles was travelling in when attacked by rioters protesting the tuition fee changes.

This is London has suggested that areas surrounding Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and Victoria Station could be shut down, in addition to the local roads in and around Westminster.