Royal wedding date is set for next April

The soon-to-be Mr and Mrs Windsor have announced the date for their wedding today, reports The Guardian.

Set for 29th April 2011, the already infamous wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is set to take place in London, and the day will be declared a national bank holiday, allowing for a day of “national celebration” says the Prime Minister, David Cameron. This may mean two long weekends in a row for a number of employees, with the Easter break falling the week before, and the Monday following the wedding the first of May’s bank holidays.

In a statement released by Prince William’s private secretary, the Royals said the couple wish for a “classic British occasion with good spring weather. They [Prince William and Kate] are very much in charge of the arrangements. I have never seen two happier people. They’re on cloud nine, like any other newly engaged couple.”

It is said both the Royals and Middleton’s family will pay for the wedding, including the cost involved in hiring the wedding reception venue, with the British taxpayer taking care of security costs. “It has been stressed that the only service personnel involved are those already on ceremonial duty in London. No one will come out of training or from combat duties.” said a senior courtier for the Royals.

It has been reported that the Archbishop of Canterbury is likely to perform the service, and the service has fallen the week before a referendum is due on the UK’s voting system – a situation the Prime Minister has expressed his contentment with.