Royal wedding encouraging couples to tie the knot

Wedding venues have seen a rise is bookings since the Royal Wedding, it has been reported.

With Prince William and Kate Middleton setting an example, the sliding numbers of couples getting married has reversed for the first time in years.

Wedding reception venues have told of how they have seen bookings rise since November’s announcement, a rise that has yet to stop. With the royal wedding coming at a time when the Government is urging couples to marry and altering the tax benefits to entice them, the rise is set to rise continue until April’s wedding day.

Speaking to Your Canterbury, Professor Roger Trigg, a director at the Centre for the study of Religion in Public Life said, “Marriage is a serious commitment and it’s important that the royal service has a sense of that seriousness. The problem is that people think of Prince Charles and what happened after his wedding. It’s all very well setting an example, but it actually has to be a good example. It has consequences for society if a marriage like that fails.”

The news is the latest in a line of businesses that have seen a surge since the royal wedding announcement. Speaking of the rise in travel to London, Expedia spokesman Andrew Warner told Travel Weekly, “The royal wedding is providing a welcome stimulus for the travel industry and we have seen a significant increase in bookings from travellers seeking to watch the spectacle.”