Royal Wedding made London "hip again"

This year’s Royal Wedding has made London a “hip” destination, according to one professional tour guide.

Speaking to Canada East, the London tour guide, Dean Hadley, said that the wedding helped bring the capital to the attention of the entire world.

He revealed: “That’s what happens when a young and good-looking Prince William marries a young and good-looking Kate Middleton. The whole world watched their wedding on TV and now everyone wants to visit [to] see everything Royal for themselves.”

His theory was echoed by tourism expert, Jeremie Gabourg, who said the wedding really got foreigners interested in London. Gabourg also said on “It’s only going to get stronger as we move into next year when the summer Olympics are in London and it’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.”

This may prove to be good news for those who own event spaces or conference centres in the capital, as they may experience a rise in people renting out the venues – particularly if the masses flock to the UK.

However it’s not just London that has benefited, the experts say. Areas such as St Andrews in Scotland, where the couple famously met whilst at university, have experienced a rise in popularity.

This was confirmed by Seth Kitson, an ambassador for the university. He claimed that: “I think almost every place in St Andrews can claim some sort of Wills and Kate connection.”