Royal wedding will evoke boost in themed events

Next year’s royal wedding will boost corporate tourism, particularly within the domestic business sector, Visit London predicts.

It is thought the capital’s tourism industry will benefit most from Prince Williams and Kate Middleton’s upcoming nuptials, but the city’s leisure sector is likely to seem some increase in business. However, Visit London’s sister organisation, Visit Britain, predicts that as a whole, London’s tourism sector is likely to receive a boost of more than £500m next year as a result of the royal wedding.

Chloe Couchman, Visit London’s business and major events senior comms manager, told C&IT magazine: “We believe the increase will mainly be seen within the domestic business sector, although we may see some increase from long-haul destinations such as North America too.”

According to Ms Couchman, the majority of business is expected to be through hospitality and corporate related themed events, news that will be welcomed by those with event venues available for hire.

“Without knowing the date or month of the wedding we wouldn’t be able to guess at the full effect and economic benefit that the Royal Wedding would bring to London’s business tourism, but we are just delighted that such a great event is taking place in London,” she added.