Royals headed for charitable wedding, reports suggest

Many aspects of the Royal Wedding have been debated in the press recently, including the wedding reception venue, catering and transport, and the subject of wedding gifts has become the latest factor to be discussed.

According to an unidentified source, Prince William and Kate Middleton may forego registering for gifts, and instead ask for charitable donations to be made, reports the Civil Society.

The source claimed: “William and Kate have everything they need so they decided that it might be nice to ask for charitable donations instead of presents.”

“They have said that this is their wish and the logistics are being looked into.”

If their wishes do go ahead, it is thought the Royal couple could raise millions for their favourite charities, through postal and online donations. Details of how to donate will be provided when the official wedding invitations are posted in February.

Their choice is a brave one, given that Royal weddings generally attract very generous and lavish gifts Рsuch as the solid gold model of a boat gifted to Prince Charles and Diana, which was estimated to be worth £1 million. However the happy couple have allegedly said they will accept gifts from their closest family members.

An additional source, a Royal courtier, told The Daily Mail: “They want to use the goodwill towards them to help the causes close to them. They are a couple who are conscious of the hard times the country is going through and do not want their wedding to be seen as ostentatious.”

“Given that there will be many diplomats, and heads of state and royalty from around the world, William and Kate can expect some sizeable donations. They could make a fortune for their charities.”