Rugby World Cup officially opened

The Rugby World Cup has officially been opened by New Zealand’s prime minister, John Key, BBC News confirmed.

The event, which will be televised by ITV, has seen some 100,000 eager rugby fans travel to the country in a bid to catch their favourite players. However, not everyone will have been able to secure tickets or the funds required to make such a long trip.

As such, it may be that fans rent out function venues to make a party of each match. Even though each match will be broadcast sometime in the morning – not the typical time for a party – fans will probably make an exception; laying on a breakfast or brunch and enjoying the moment together.

Even prime minister Key admitted that the Kiwis are “ready to have a party” after being lucky enough to host the event. Making reference to the recent natural disasters that have afflicted his nation (like the Christchurch earthquake in February), Key stated: “It’s been a tough 12 months in New Zealand. The country is ready to have fun.”

His positive attitude was shared by the chief executive of the Rugby World Cup, Martin Snedden; who too stated: “It’s time to have some fun,” according to

The party atmosphere was definitely felt during the opening ceremony, wherein the 48-match tournament was welcomed by a “60,000-strong crowd” and “10 silver boats”. Dancers, all dressed in white and silver, entertained the crowds before traditional Maori warriors performed a rendition of the traditional haka dance.