Ryanair set to offer flexible tickets for business travellers

Budget airline Ryanair has revealed it will offer business travellers special services, such as flexible tickets and free premium allocated seating. 

A fast-track service will also allow business travellers to get through security quicker at certain airports, including Stansted, Manchester and Dublin. Premium allocated seating means passengers can secure the seats they want for no extra charge. Priority boarding will also be on offer, so travellers can decide whether they want to get on the plane first or last, reports businesstraveller.com.

Flexible tickets give people the chance to change their flights if they so wish, for no extra cost. They will also be allowed to get aboard an earlier aircraft if one is available.

Lesley Kane, Ryanair’s head of corporate sales, said the new services were developed in-line with customer feedback.

“Ryanair has the most on-time flights in Europe, with over 90 per cent or more arriving on time,” she explained. “We have the least cancelled flights, and if there is a disruption we are bound by regulation EU261. All passengers are advised of their rights and it is printed on their boarding cards.”

She added that the airline is targeting business travellers as it wants to boost its passenger numbers to 112 million by 2019, reports buyingbusinesstravel.com.