Ryanair tries to attract business travellers

Ryanair has revealed plans to make its service more accessible to business travellers by offering new fairs to benefit clientele. 

The low cost airline has announced that it will be launching new higher priced flexible tickets for business travellers, allowing them to change their flight times with ease, and without charge.

The scheme is said to extend to Stansted airport where passengers will be allowed to take on multiple bags, including shopping purchased in duty free.

A “membership scheme” was also unveiled; the budget airline will allow customers to register on its new website after its chief executive admitted that their rivals, easyJet, had a better website.

The company also intends to become more group friendly, helping to attract families and school trips to use their service. It will be allowing groups travelling together to have a joint baggage allowance rather than charging individuals for overweight suitcases.

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary told dailymail.co.uk that in the past the airline has been guilty of saying “there’s the policy- go to hell”, but that culture needs to change.

Whilst speaking to theguardian.com, Mr O’Leary said: “We need to segment our own marketplace. Now that we’re no longer the Robin Hood, the challenger, we’re the establishment, we need to do something differently.”