Safety integral at major events, claims poll

Recent research has highlighted the importance of putting crowd control measures in place at function venues, Event Magazine reports.

The research found that two-third of respondents felt a lot safer when attending events that boasted the presence of police officers, security guards and stewards. 

Undertaken by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the research also found that one-third of people have experienced a crowd surge at a major venue or event. As such, IOSH wishes to see all event organisers provide competent on-site training for stewards in order to make them aware of the importance of health and safety.

Tim Roberts, director of The Event Safety Shop, commented on the poll on He explained that within the UK, “the majority of events are run well and healthy and safety is the number one priority.” However Roberts did add this isn’t the case for all events, so urged organisers to pay attention to safety.

The poll comes after the IOSH launched the Sports Grounds and Events Group, which warned promoters that cutting corners on safety will not be tolerated.

Roberts added: “The inauguration of the IOSH Sports Grounds and Events Group reflects the increasing professionalism within the UK event sector and the emergence of specialist safety practitioners to meet the particular demands of large cultural events.”