Same-sex couples who want to marry first have 15 days to register

Same-sex couples have until tomorrow (March 14) to register to marry, if they wish to have their ceremony on the day gay marriage becomes legal – March 29.

According to, couples in England and Wales only have 15 days to inform their registry office they intend to marry, unless they’re having their big day after March 29. However, anyone who is currently in a civil partnership and wants to upgrade it to be recognised as married will have a year to plan their wedding, as the procedure hasn’t come into effect yet.

Same-sex couples who got married overseas can celebrate now though, as their marriages have only just become legal in England and Wales. Up until now, their marriages had only been recognised as civil partnerships, reports It’s likely that a number of these couples will choose to celebrate their union again in England to mark the occasion.

Sue Wilkinson is just one of many who married abroad, but found when she moved to England her marriage wasn’t valid. She and her partner Celia Kitzinger married in Canada in 2003 and fought to have their partnership legally recognised in the UK.

“I think for me it is disbelief more than anything else,” she says. “Its kinda of suddenly crept up on us from nowhere, only eight years after we lost a court case to declare our marriage legal in this country. But now it will be legal in this country and that’s pretty stunning.”