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Same-sex weddings are creating new popular traditions

Same-sex couples who are getting married are creating new traditions of their own, according to American couples who have been able to marry are changing the concept of marriage ceremonies. 

The traditional running of the day is evolving, with couples choosing to have women as best men, or men as maids of honour.

Same-sex couples in the UK may break the classic traditions to incorporate their own personal beliefs into their big day.

According to, author Steven Petrow said one new tradition involves passing the wedding rings around the party to be blessed by everyone there. He said: “It’s like a metaphor for a group hug. It’s incredibly moving.”

He went on to say that couples often walk down the aisle together, or if they have children, the entire family may be involved in the procession.

The new trends may influence couples all over the world to incorporate these traditions into their own ceremony. Everything from the theme of the wedding reception venue to the choice of the maid of honour could see an overhaul as people try to keep up with the current fashions.

With same-sex marriage not currently being legal across the whole of America, some couples are choosing to make their big day a political statement, another trend that could also be mirrored across the Atlantic, as people show their support to the cause and fight to legalise same-sex marriage internationally.