Sarah Harding announces wedding venue

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has reportedly chosen a palace-like wedding venue in Berkshire.

The singer is set to marry DJ Tom Crane this summer and the ongoing search for the perfect location has been top gossip in the celebrity sphere. She is yet to confirm the official wedding reception venue, but it is likely that it will be back in London.

According to The Sun, Miss Harding plans to ferry guests to-and-from the city to the wedding venue before she flies out the next day for her honeymoon in Ibiza. It’s a sure bet that fellow bandmates Cheryl Cole, Nadine Cole, Kimberley Walsh and Nicole Roberts will be top of the guest list.

However, Miss Harding has spoken out publicly about one person who won’t be making it. In an interview with Live Magazine, she has said that her dad will not be attending, since he divorced her mother.

“My father is dead to me – I can’t forgive him,” she said. “After he and my mother divorced, he wasn’t a very nice person and what’s done is done.”

Miss Harding explained that now she believes some of her erratic and unstable behaviour at school was down to the break-up, admitting it affected her more than she thought.

She said: “I know it’s harsh but I have no place in my life for someone like that. I came close to being in contact with him again but he talked to the press and tried to sell pictures of me as a young girl.”

“He’s a very selfish man and as far as I’m concerned he’s gone,” she added.