Sarah Harding sets 24-hour deadline for wedding venue

Sarah Harding appears to be stepping up arrangements for her wedding following reports that she wants her wedding reception venue booked by the start of the weekend.

According to The Daily Mail, the ‘Girls Aloud’ star has ordered her fiancee Tom Crane to meet with their vicar and find a venue within 24 hours.

Crane confirmed that he wanted the ceremony to be in London because that is where the majority of his friends and family are based. However, it took him a lot of effort to fly into the capital in between DJing sessions at top Ibiza nightclubs.

Explaining his role in the preparations, he said: “Sarah is in control of everything. I came in from Ibiza today and will be flying back tomorrow because I’m playing out there all summer.

“I’m going to meet the vicar tomorrow and we are hopefully going to find a venue too.”

Although Miss Harding appears to have toned down her party girl lifestyle since meeting Crane, it is likely that the couple will be out to enjoy the wide range of party venues London has to offer after their wedding.

No matter where the wedding is held, it is likely all of Harding’s Girls Aloud co-stars will be invited; as in a recent interview with, Harding slammed rumours that she had not invited Cheryl Cole to the event.