Saucy parties a thing of the past amongst bachelors

A study has found that UK bachelors are ditching the raunchy, alcohol-fuelled stag parties for calmer, more sophisticated gatherings.

US wedding planner asked brides-to-be about their partners’ stag-do plans, which saw some surprising results.

In total, 61 per cent of those surveyed on Facebook claimed their fiancés were organising ‘low-key’ affairs – similar to those contained in function spaces – with friendly drinks and a meal out deemed to be two of the most popular choices.

Should British grooms-to-be catch wind of this upcoming trend, they’re unlikely to experience trouble finding a suitable establishment to stage their event, as cities like London play host to a number of iconic venues for hire, perfect for a big send off.

The website’s director, Anja Winikka said men aren’t completely abandoning their party antics, but they’re seeing sense in toning down their behaviour as they prepare to turn a new chapter in their life.

“It may be hard to believe, but the typical booze fest and stripper-filled bachelor parties are losing steam these days,” Ms Winikka told “I’m not saying men aren’t partying at all, but they’re making more mature decisions about how they spend their last bachelor days with the guys.”

It seems therefore that men are finally seeing sense when preparing for their important nights. Heavy parties similar to the ones depicted in ‘The Hangover’ trilogy may look appealing on paper, but there’s every chance the group won’t even remember their night when the morning arrives.

Although there may be an element of men trying to impress their future wives, the planners themselves appear to be cleaning up their act.

In an interview with, Patrick Carone said he was shocked upon receiving an email outlining the plan of action for his upcoming do. Instead of listing a number of strip bars, his friend suggested looking for a local steakhouse or a fishing lake.