Scientists dissect the secrets of a good meeting

A new website is being set up to divulge the secrets of a perfect meeting using scientific research methods, Meetpie reports.

The data provided by the newly formed Meetology Research Institute (MRI) will be of great interest to proprietors of meeting venues, who will be able to deliver their services more effectively based on the social study.

Behaviour psychologist and founder of the MRI, Dr John Sutton, said that the information be collected from worldwide sources and hosted on Selected highlights will also be released over Twitter.

The research will be grouped into seven key areas including social interaction, wellness and nutrition and cognitive behaviour.

Dr Sutton, who has trademarked the term ‘Meetology’, said: “We’re scanning the scientific community, seeing if the information is relevant for meetings and bringing it all together in one place.”

He hopes that meeting industry professionals will take part in ‘meeting laboratories’ at events where they can perform tests such as monitoring stress.

Dr Sutton expressed concern that some people may complain about a meeting after the event, yet there was no science “out there” on how to improve them.

He added that involvement and participation are key areas of research: “Delegate involvement has a direct effect on their perception of the effectiveness of the meetings.

“A lot of people think they’ve had a bad meeting when actually it turns out they didn’t feel they could engage at the level that other delegates did,” he said.

Dr Jon Sutton is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He is recognised as a leading figure in the dissemination of pure and applied psychology for more than a decade, according to Focus on Travel News.