Scottish 'import' Tartan Day approaches

Scottish émigrés in London may be getting ready to celebrate Tartan Day next Friday (April 6th), but it has been pointed out that the occasion is actually an imported holiday.

According to, the event originated in the US; with links as far back as 1982, although the celebration was only given the presidential seal of approval in 1998.

“It seems strange that something so quintessentially Scottish should be a foreign import, but we think it’s a positive aspect of Scotland’s links with the wider world that this desire to celebrate Scottish heritage came from home,” the newspaper remarked.

The occasion has become popular in a number of countries, such as the US, Canada, Australia and Argentina, as well as Scotland, with all sorts of events taking place. Scots hiring function venues in London may want to emulate New Yorkers who include a 10km run in their celebrations, before moving on to Scottish food and drink.

If revellers are not sure of what sort of food to provide at such occasions, they could follow the advice of the Bradenton Herald and cook up some ‘tweed kettle’ – beef in red wine or oxtail soup with rice and barley.

While the celebration is often limited to one day, eager party-goers can copy New York’s example and organise a full Tartan Week.