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Second survey reinforces importance of face-to-face meetings

A new study by car hire firm Avis has promoted the use of face-to-face meetings, claiming they are the best way to build strong business relationships, reports.

The result follows a similar survey conducted by MOO, which also found that face-to-face meetings were the most preferred option.

Avis’ research found that 84 per cent of business executives said they prefer to meet in person than via the telephone, email or video conferencing.

Despite these preferences, many executives are now finding that with money worries still prevalent, they are increasingly having to justify the expense not just of travel itself – but also of taking time away from their desks.

This has led many to look not only for the best deals, but also speed of use when it comes to sourcing travel, function venues and accommodation; ensuring financial ramifications are kept to a minimum.

This has also meant that online bookings and check-in have found favour, with business leaders trying to find ways of limiting the time spent out on business duties, but still enabling them to have the desired face-to-face meetings.

Speaking to of the results, the managing director of Avis UK, Kaye Ceille, explained: “For many businesses, face-to-face meetings are an indispensable part of their day-to-day operations and so finding options which help them to this efficiently is a key priority.”