Secret London venue for Kate Middleton's 30th bash

Kate Middleton will be sipping on cocktails at an 80s-themed birthday bash in a secret location for her 30th, according to insider reports.

Mail Online revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge’s cunning party-planning sister Pippa – and brother-in-law Harry – are set to throw the birthday party at an as yet unspecified venue.

However, early invites heavily suggest that the event could take place at one of the many party venues London has to offer. This theory is backed up by some very convincing tittle-tattle.

Marie Claire, amongst others, has revealed that Kate and her husband Prince William are due to attend the movie premiere of Stephen Spielberg’s new flick ‘War Horse’ on the eve of her birthday, suggesting a London venue is more than likely to be on the cards.

According to a royal source close to Prince William’s wife, the do – which is also rumoured to feature a karaoke system – will be one of the last opportunities Kate has to let her hair down.

“In many ways, this is going to be Kate’s last chance to let go like she did back in the old days when she and William first met,” the source told Grazia magazine.

The spy added that the birthday has been planned for months and that dozens of people close to the couple are involved. Guests to the party have been issued ‘save the date’ cards for January 9th as a form of secret invite for the bash.

“Given the people organising it, you can be sure it will be brilliant,” concluded the insider.