Service launched to matchmake wedding guests

A new service has been launched which is set to act as a matchmaker for wedding guests, according to

MySingleTable will let a bride and groom write profiles for single friends attending their wedding, so that they can play cupid when it comes to the seating arrangement at their wedding reception venue.

The service has been launched by celebrity property developer Sarah Beeny, the founder behind dating website It is thought that Ms Beeny will find demand for the service, after recent research found that over 80 per cent of single people think that a wedding is a great opportunity to meet new people.

The results of the study also found that 83 per cent of single men and 69 per cent of single women want the bride and groom to tell them who else is romantically available at a wedding.

As well as seating arrangements at the wedding, the site will also allow brides and grooms to set up dates before-hand so singles can meet up before the wedding takes place.

Talking about the service, Beeny told ‘Weddings are fantastic opportunities to match make our fabulous single friends. It’s time to get our Great British brides and grooms involved. Their single friends have been there for them providing support as wingmen in their relationships – it’s time to spread the love.”