Seven rules for catering events outlined

Executive head chef Tim Harrington has shared his seven top tips for catering large events – the most important being that quality is crucial.

“Never compromise on quality,” he proclaimed on This is particularly true when catering for a world-class audience, perhaps at one of London’s biggest conference centres or for a celebrity event.

He went on to reveal his other top tips, which include being creative with food ideas – but not losing the dish’s core identity – and always being open to receiving help. This is crucial, he said, as it helps chefs to keep building on their skills and knowledge.

One of the other crucial rules caterers must follow is putting their all into each event. “This boils down to using good quality ingredients, correct techniques and paying attention to detail,” he added. “If you’re going to do something, do it properly.” What’s more, the menu served up should match the atmosphere of the entire event.

Plus, caterers should accept the fact that long hours are just the nature of the business and failing is too, so chefs should recognise that not everything will go 100 per cent to plan.

Although Harrington had much advice for those hoping to put on a high-quality event, his tips didn’t offer up much in the way of practical support. highlights the importance of also ensuring food choices are balanced and that food doesn’t have to be really expensive to be good.