Sewing programme could boost DIY weddings

New sewing programme ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ could prompt a rise in the number of DIY weddings. Couples may start to get more hands-on with their special day. reports baking, knitting and sewing are seeing a surge in popularity, with some fans even making custom pieces for weddings.

Blogger Helen Woodward said: “As a maid of honour for a friend recently, I customised her mother’s old wedding dress so I could wear it as a jacket and also made fabric flower bouquets for the bridesmaids.”

The sewing trend could branch out to people making customised table cloths and centre pieces for the wedding reception venue – and even their own dress.

According to, handmade items make the big day completely unique. It can also save a lot of money by making things, rather than forking out for a company to create wedding favours or the veil for the bride.

While brides may not go as far as sewing their own gown, the handmade trend could certainly be commonplace for bridesmaid’s outfits and smaller bridal accessories.

Alternative bouquets have been increasing in popularity, with styles involving brooches, fabrics and even feathers being popular with brides. The idea of being able to keep the bouquet after the big day could be one reason for brides choosing a handmade, fabric option over fresh flowers.