Shane and Liz to wed, reports suggest

Reports have suggested that Shane Warne will soon propose to girlfriend of ten months, Elizabeth Hurley, confirmed.

The model has been obviously smitten with the Aussie cricketer throughout their whirlwind romance – which began on the social networking site Twitter. It now seems Warne is as taken with Hurley as she is with him.

A source confirmed the news in the Daily Mirror, stating: “Shane…is keen to make their relationship official. He plans on proposing before Christmas, with the couple having a low-key wedding next year.”

This may mean the pair may choose a fairly quiet, intimate wedding reception venue in which to celebrate; particularly as the source also said: “Shane is romantic and a traditionalist, and will definitely get down on bended knee to do the deed.”

The insider (whose name remains undisclosed) also gave an insight into the pair’s everyday life, revealing: “Liz and Shane have a really happy, fun and secure relationship. They are forever giggling.”

There has been no confirmation of the news from either of the parties, however and as Hurley only recent divorced from ex-husband Arun Nayar, there is no telling whether she will be ready to move on yet.

The pair only officially separated in the summer, reported. Warne split from his ex-wife, Simone Callahan, around the same time.