Shirley Bassey to sing at supermodel's wedding reception

Dame Shirley Bassey has been hired by supermodel Kate Moss to perform at her wedding reception in July.

It was apparently Moss’ desire for class, elegance and sophistication that prompted the arrangement – all of which she considers Bassey to possess.

A source close to Moss told she was over the moon that Bassey agreed to perform, as she “was always top of her wish list for the wedding entertainment and Dame Shirley was the perfect choice.”

“She agreed to play the gig immediately and Kate can’t wait for the big day. It will be a real highlight,” the insider added.

The news might inspire other couples to hire famous acts or tribute bands to provide top notch entertainment at their own wedding reception venue. Certainly, these days it would appear that a lone mobile DJ is insufficient.

Although 74-year-old Bassey will receive a £100,000 fee for her performance, the pair have been close friends for many years. According the The Mirror, Dame Shirley “jumped at the chance” to perform for Moss.

“It wasn’t about the money for Dame Shirley. She’s got all the money she could ever need. She wanted to do it for Kate, they have a real connection,” the source explained. 

Moss and her partner of four years, Kills’ guitarist Jamie Hince, announced their engagement in February. It is presumed that Naomi Campbell and Sadie Frost will be bridesmaids, along with Moss’s daughter, Lila Grace.

Furthermore, Moss is reportedly turning her wedding reception into a festival, with celebrations due to last for days.