Short meetings keys to improving business efficiency, claims Dragon

Out of all the small changes a firm can make to improving efficiency, cutting down the time of meetings is one of the most valuable.

That’s according to Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne who, cited by IB Times, said in a recent interview: “As a rule of thumb, I limit business meetings in my company to 20 minutes.”

As a result, firms should be booking conference space with a view to tightening up their meetings, trimming off the fat and getting to the point of the meeting itself, rather than dilly-dallying with .

In addition, IB Times suggests that a firm’s main target for improving efficiency should be the employees, “as they are likely to be the most expensive and valuable resource to the business.”

This could include lightening up the workplace in order to relax employees. Carving out a company that people really want to work and enjoy working for is one of the best routes to improving efficiency.

Another tip to improve efficiency comes from business superstar Alan Sugar, who stated that employing people with experience can tighten up a firm.

“The most important thing is the experience the person has amassed in what jobs they’ve been doing up until now, what they’ve achieved up until now”, he said to BBC News. “These certificates and qualifications, all they tell any employers is that the person’s got a brain.”