Short, sharp meetings key to keeping attention

Quick and easy meetings in a conference space may be the key to unlocking productivity in a business.

That’s according to David DiSalvo, a science and technology writer, who has listed his top ten pet hates about long, drawn-out business meetings – which can include cramped agendas, messy PowerPoint slides and meetings about getting ready for meetings.

DiSalvo explained on why cramming agendas is a surefire way to make employees want to leave the room as soon as possible: “This approach hamstrings productivity from the get-go, because everyone looking at the agenda realises it contains far too much for a group to reasonably accomplish in the given timeframe, and that inspires people to focus on how much time they’ll have to endure before making it to the next break.”

He also states that the meeting should be able to instill motivation in the attendees, cites Otherwise, if the underlying agenda isn’t going to yield any significant improvements or results for the attendees, there isn’t much point in being there.

DiSalvo also laments the ‘meeting before a meeting’ culture.

“Another big anti-motivator. Our brains are reward-driven organs, and knowing that the follow-on reward for spending all this time in a meeting is to have another meeting is not motivating,” he added.