Single Bridezillas reveal their planning secrets

Britain has seen a new type of so-called “bridezillas” hit the scene – single ladies who are planning a wedding without actually having secured a groom or bride yet.

That’s according to a report from, which cited the comments of one particular single bridezilla. She explained that it’s just taking the little girl wedding fantasy a step further.

Ackord has even picked out the wedding reception venue she wants and the dress; stating that she was inspired to do so by a “life-changing moment” after seeing how beautiful a local church was.

“It was stunning. All of a sudden I could see myself in a gorgeous white dress, walking down the aisle with all my friends and family looking on proudly. In that moment, I decided I had to get married and started planning straight away,” the student admitted.

“Every girl grows up dreaming of their wedding day, fantasizing about how they will look and whether their mum will cry. I’m just taking it one step further than most and making those dreams a reality.”

The bridezilla in question is even so worried her dream dress will be snapped up that she’s saving to buy it and is considering just taking out a loan to have it in her wardrobe. She’s also saving towards the expected £30,000 it’ll cost to make her dream day a reality.

However this isn’t necessarily a good idea, as bridal boutique co-owner Mara Urshel explained on As a person grows and develops, so does their attitude, so making such plans before a partner is even on the scene is “fool-hearted”, Urshel said.