Single women choosing wedding venues early

One in five single women have already decided on the location of their wedding, reports.

According to the results of a new study from Interflora, 60 per cent of unattached women in the UK have started planning their big days, with the venue joined by dresses and bridesmaids as particularly popular elements.      

In total, 600 women were questioned as part of the study, with 49 per cent saying they’d picked their outfits for the day. More than 30 per cent said they had chosen the female friends who would be joining them as bridesmaids.

A spokesperson from Interflora was quoted by as saying: ”This research shows just how important a woman’s wedding day is to them. Even those who haven’t yet got a partner have a clear idea of the type of wedding they would like.

“If you have attended the weddings of close friends and family it’s hard not to be inspired and start envisaging how you would like your own big day.”

The results of the questionnaire show that the average female singleton starts to put her big day together at just 13 years old, with 10 per cent of those asked saying they had actually started putting a fund together. 

Of the girls who do begin saving before they meet their partner, the typical future bride will have put more than £960 aside.