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Singletons look for love at weddings

Brits are increasingly looking at weddings as the place where they could potentially meet the love of their lives.

Despite the continuing rise of online dating and the like, it appears many Brits still harbour desires to meet their future husband or wife at chance meetings out and about.

New research conducted by found that around half of single women begin looking for a potential date the moment they enter the wedding reception venue. For men, meanwhile, the figure is higher still, with around three quarters of men utilising the time spent looking smart to bag themselves a date.

Not only that, one in ten men even went so far as to claim that the prospect of meeting a potential partner were the main reason they agreed to go to weddings in the first place. Women, on the other hand, have aspirations that come from a more pure place, with around half claiming their hunt for a man comes from envisioning themselves stood at the altar.

Those men looking to win women over may be wise to show their emotions, with a staggering 92 per cent of women saying they would look more favourably on a man showing his tender side during the nuptials. 

Overall, when asked which were the best places to meet a potential soul mate, a quarter of Brits cited weddings. 

The study follows a campaign by fellow dating site which called on wedding planners to put all the singletons on one table during a wedding reception. This, it claimed, would encourage chatter between those who may be looking forward to the day as a way of meeting their own future husband or wife, reports.