Sir Richard Branson plans to make London – Australia flights two hours long

Flight times to London from Australia could be as little as two hours within our lifetimes, Sir Richard Branson has claimed.

The Virgin boss told how he believes that flights could cross to the other side of the world in the time it takes to watch a film.

Sir Richard made his estimation at the G8 Innovation conference on Friday, where he was brought in to speak on his “space tourism” proposals that could see regular Joes become astronauts by heading to space for their next summer holiday.

At the event, however, Sir Richard turned his attention to point-to-point air travel and how he’s amassed a team of engineers that are “itching to work” on such a scheme. Despite the nearest rival, Concorde, having long since ceased, Sir Richard has decided he not only wants to bring back such a scheme but make it even faster still. In fact, the entrepreneur set out plans to make his creation “many times quicker” than Concorde, reports.

If it becomes a reality, the new super-fast connection would make it possible for Australian business leaders to head out in the morning, attend a meeting at one of London’s event spaces, then still make it home in time for dinner.

Sir Richard’s claims prompted reporters to ask whether he expected two hour flights between London and Australia to become a reality. He replied: “It will happen. Definitely it will happen in my childrens’ lifetime but hopefully in mine.”