Smartphone apps that help ease stress of wedding planning

Smartphone apps aimed at making wedding planning much less stressful have been launched.

As reported by NDTV, owners of smartphones or iPads will find a few apps on the market that will substantially reduce wedding stress and even help couples save some money.

One app, the Wedding Genius created by Conde Nast magazine Brides, has a task tracker feature that gives couples a calendar based on their wedding date. Couples can exchange emails, ideas and status updates to share their progress, and the calendar helps organise key factors such as booking a wedding reception venue, organising the rehearsal dinner and breaking in the bride’s shoes. It even offers tips such as scuffing shoe soles with sandpaper, and choosing flowers that won’t wilt quickly in the heat of the room.

Another app is the iWedding Deluxe. It asks the user’s gender and the gender of the betrothed, the budget and the wedding date. This app is more inclusive than Wedding Genius, which is undeniably aimed at the bride, and lets you build a guest list from contacts on your phone or post photos from a wedding vendor.

For those with BlackBerrys, the choice is smaller. NDTV claims the best option for BlackBerry users is the Wedding Organiser app. This offers 17 categories of tasks and suggestions for prioritising them. It’s less elegantly designed that Wedding Genius, and there have been no reviews yet, but NDTV says it should be a welcome option to BlackBerry users.