Smartphones creating a "revolution" in events industry, planners told

Event planners that choose to ignore the mobile revolution will not survive in the events industry of tomorrow.

This is the view of Ewan MacLeod, editor of the Mobile Industry Review, who claimed that event attendees have been increasingly turning to their mobile devices to gain information on exhibitions and book their seats at event venues.

However, some planners still seem reluctant to incorporate the technology into their exhibitions – this despite claiming earlier this year that half of adults own a smart device.  

Speaking at the Future Events Experience at EIBTM in Barcelona, Mr MacLeod insisted the growing use of mobile technology was not something of a “bubble” and it was creating a “revolution” within the events industry.

Cited by, he said: “Whilst you’ve been organising your events, doing your business in the normal way, this has been growing up behind you and it’s going to be very problematic unless you embrace it.”

Mr MacLeod said the next two years will give businesses a real idea of where the market is, as consumers continue to trade their entry-level devices for smartphones.

The report editor went on to claim that delegates would soon come to expect a seamless event experience to unfold every time they booked up.

Outside of the event itself, Mr MacLeod claimed this would involve pre-arrival requests for hotel bookings, with mobiles used to open doors, book taxis and go shopping.