Snow warning for London tomorrow

Visitors to London have been advised to keep an eye on the weather forecast, after the Met Office implemented a yellow warning for potential snowfall on Friday, reports.

A yellow warning, which means “be prepared”, has been put in place across much of London and the South East, with forecasters suggesting snowfall could be on the horizon.  

Whilst the overall forecast currently looks changeable, the Met Office has warned that snow could be on the way, although higher areas, such as the Chilterns, are at decidedly more risk. 

Even if London manages to escape wintry flurries, forecasters have advised visitors to the capital to wrap up warm and expect showers. Transport links are unlikely to be affected, however, thanks to the low risk of heavy snowfall managing to make its way into Central London.

Other areas including Oxford and Buckinghamshire may not be so fortunate, so business travellers have been advised to keep up to date with travel updates before setting off on their journeys.

The Met Office warning, as noted by, read: “Rain will turn to snow for a time, mainly over the high ground during Friday morning.

“Over low ground it is unlikely that any snow will accumulate but many areas may see falling snow and slushy deposits for a time.”