Soap storyline to highlight dangers of drink-driving after Christmas parties

Coronation Street, the long-running soap opera, will use a special storyline to warn motorists of the dangers of drink-driving after leaving Christmas parties.

According to The Sun, factory owner Carla Connor – played by Alison King – will be arrested by police after an alcohol-fuelled Christmas party, in a bid to highlight the dangers of drink-driving over the festive season.

In the episode, Carla is seen drinking large amounts of champagne at the opening night of a friend’s new bar, before attempting to drive home from the venue.

On her way home, she gets stopped by the police and taken to a local police station. There, she calls friend Peter Barlow (played by Ben Price) to come and pick her up – but he also arrives in a drunken state and collapses on the floor.

Carla then storms out of the police station, before being taken to court and disqualified from driving. She later realises how important her driving license is for her professional life, and breaks down in tears.

A Coronation Street spokesperson said the show’s makers hoped the storyline would act as a warning to anyone who might consider getting behind the wheel after a Christmas party this year.

“Carla’s drink-driving will be portrayed sensitively. But we hope the message of how easy it is to fall foul of the drink-drive laws, especially at this time of year, will hit home to viewers,” the spokesperson told The Sun.

“If we manage to stop even a handful of people from being tempted then we’ll have done our job,” the spokesperson added.