South West Trains to help London commuters with new fleet

South West Trains is set to launch its Class 455 train fleet in order to benefit passengers on the Metro area from London, the Hounslow loop and the Shepperton branch.

Reported by, the new fleet of Class 455 trains promises to enhance performance and improve reliability even further, helping commuters on their way to the capital.

South West Trains will also be introducing 100 more carriages onto its services to provide capacity for an additional 23,000 peak-time passengers every day. This could prove to be a huge benefit to managers scheduling meetings in London-based conference centres as more employees will be able make their way to the capital.

Furthermore, South West Trains is developing plans for longer term capacity enhancements.

Christian Roth, engineering director for the South West Trains Network Rail Alliance, believes the reliability of the new trains will help commuters to the capital.

He said to “Our Class 455 are already by far the most reliable fleet in the country, however we are not complacent and we want to make sure these excellent results are sustained and improved even further.

“The new traction motors will help us to improve the reliability of these trains for our passengers at the same time as delivering environmental benefits through the reduced electricity supply,” he added.