Sparklers perfect for wedding receptions, expert claims

Sparklers will be a popular choice at weddings this year as they can make a bride’s entrance to the reception venue more special, events and weddings DJ John Macaluso believes.

Writing for, Mr Macaluso states that it’s a good idea to get the bridal party to hold some sparklers as the bride enters the reception venue, as it will bring out the child in everyone. However, he notes it’s a good idea to ensure the sparklers are smokeless, otherwise fire alarms could be set off.

He argues that photo booths will continue to be popular too, and in some instances are now considered just as important as a wedding cake.

“There are so many cool photo booths coming out, such as flip books, slow motion booths, social media booths, and others,” he writes.

In terms of the cake, Tracey Mann, founder of wedding cake supplier Tracey’s Cakes, states that couples are now choosing to opt for coloured wedding cakes instead of plain, traditional, white ones.

“If you want your cake to make a colour statement, it’s good to have a clear idea of your colour scheme and venue before consulting your cake designer.” she wrote on “This will help them create a shade and design that fits perfectly.”

Mr Macaluso says that lots of couples want to show how happy they are by making it look as if they’re dancing in the clouds for their first dance together. Moreover, it’s a feature that looks excellent in photos, so it’s also becoming a popular trend this year.