Spending body enjoys lavish entertainment budget

In an ironic twist of events, it has been revealed that the government watchdog responsible for controlling public spending has splashed out some £12,000 on entertainment in recent months.

According to TopinUK.com, the quango – which will soon be abolished – has been holding lavish events to allegedly “keep in touch” with former staff. This has cost the average taxpayer £130.

For one event, the watchdog event spent £7,000 on a photographer alone. It seems for the quango, the cost of hiring corporate venues, providing top-class catering and entertainment has simply gone too far.

However the chief executive of the watchdog, Eugene Sullivan, has spoken out over claims this is too much money to have spent.

He argued: “The Audit Commission set up its alumni group in 2008 to keep in touch with colleagues who had left the Commission, either on retirement or to move onto other organisations or industries.

“Staff felt it was useful to keep these contacts,” he added. Despite his claims, the secretary for communities, Eric Pickles, said the latest figures were only another prime example of how the Commission has “lost its way.”

He added on Mail Online: “It is incredible that taxpayers’ money has been wasted on partying away. Under Labour, taxpayers’ money was routinely poured down the drain – encouraged by the watchdogs who were supposed to be protecting the public purse.”