Sport events to dominate in 2012

Experts from the hospitality sector expect sport-related celebrations to dominate the events industry in 2012, reports Event Magazine.

The news provider asked several important figures from the sector to make predictions on what the coming year will bring and sport was one of the common themes.

England’s national football side are playing in the European Championships and London is due to host the 2012 Olympic Games, indicating why it looks likely sport-related occasions will feature heavily in event spaces.

Director of peforming artistes, JJ Jackson, claimed the sector will provide a “constant backdrop” to the year, while One Events event manager, Andrew Morrow, predicted the year will be remembered for its sporting competitions.

Adam Sternberg, director of Sternberg Clarke, said: “I think 2012 will be great for entertainment, more and more people are seeing entertainment as a great way of communicating the essence of a brand as opposed to just the bit at the end of a gala dinner.”

A number of local councils are encouraging residents to celebrate the Olympics by offering grants for related parties. According to the Newmarket Journal, Suffolk County Council is one such authority, although there are several others across the country.

The organisation is offering £500 grants to groups of people who want to celebrate the torch relay, opening ceremony or Big Dance event.