St Patrick's Day a celebration for revellers and retailers alike

The upcoming St Patrick’s Day celebrations will not only be a happy time for party goers, a media commentator has noted.

Sarah Mahoney wrote on her Media Post Marketing Daily blog that restaurants, bars and retailers will all hope to boost sales as revellers get into the Irish spirit on March 17th.

St Patrick’s Day is a popular time for people all over the world to organise parties at function venues, dressing in green and indulging in Irish treats such as Guinness stout.

However, a representative from the National Restaurant Association told Ms Mahoney that the fact the occasion lands on a Saturday this year is not ideal, saying: “Weekends are typically busier than weekdays for restaurants, so it is actually better for the restaurant operator when holidays fall on a slower day of the week, like Monday or Tuesday, for a traffic boost.”

As part of the celebrations, a number of landmarks around the world will be going green, according to the Press Association, including the London Eye in London and the television tower in Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

Niall Gibbons, chief executive of Tourism Ireland, claimed that St Patrick’s Day offers a “unique opportunity” for people of Irish descent to reconnect with their heritage, while showcasing the culture for the whole world.