St Piran's Day celebrations spreading around the world

The celebration of St Piran’s Day may be most popular in Cornwall, but the occasion is spreading much further than the county’s borders, according to Western Morning News.

When the national day of Cornwall is marked on March 5th, there will be people all over the world celebrating in event spaces and outdoor venues, the regional newspaper claimed. The day is named after Saint Piran, one of Cornwall’s patron saints.

Describing the sorts of activities organised for the occasion, the publication said: “Parades and concerts, dinners and dances, flag-raising and story-telling, parties and promenade play are among the many events taking place this year to mark this year’s St Piran’s Day.”

For the 2012 celebration of St Piran’s Day, the Cornish Language Partnership MAGA is calling on people to use a couple of words of Cornish to mark the day, according to blogger Neil Shaw.

He pointed out that MAGA have listed a few simple phrases to use on the day, so that people can say ‘thank you’, ‘please’, ‘good day’ and ‘Happy St Piran’s Day’ in Cornish. These are ‘meur ras’, ‘mar pleg’, ‘dydh da’ and ‘Gool Peran Lowen’ respectively.

Over the years there have been calls to make the day a bank holiday in Cornwall, but no official move has been made to honour the request.