Stansted expansion plans outlined

Business people headed to London’s conference centres may end up doing so through Stansted in years to come, if ambitious plans to turn it into a four-runway airport are given the green light.

The ambitious plans (which were drawn up by London-based architect Make) would make Stansted twice the size of Heathrow by 2028 and increase the number of people passing through its gates every year by millions.

Whilst this would open London up to millions more travellers every year, campaigners have also claimed that features of its design would mean fewer planes having to take to the skies over London, reports. It would be achieve this goal by building the runways in a north-east to south-west direction, which would divert planes away from the most built-up areas.

Furthermore, the plans are said to cover an area where population density is between 100 and 249 people per square kilometre, compared to central London where the figure instead falls within the 2,500 to 4,999 bracket.

Such an expansion wouldn’t come cheap, of course, with initial forecasts putting the expansion work at £23 billion. Make has claimed this would be a price work paying, however, as it could significantly drop the number of flights heading over London every single day, which, it told, is “one of the great advantages” of its proposal.