Still mixed opinion in Britain over Olympic Games 2012

Britons are still expressing mixed opinions about the upcoming Olympic Games 2012, an event that David Cameron has said will be the “greatest show on earth”.

The event, set to take place in London through July – August this year, has been majorly pushed by tourism boards and the government alike. However, reveals that over half of Britons don’t believe it will be worth the money spent.

Despite this, 40 per cent do agree that it will be worth the investment; with younger people (aged 18 – 24) seemingly most keen to push ahead with the event. This may even be the demographic most likely to source venues for hire and hold their own Olympic-themed parties during the summer months.

Cited by, Cameron also responded to suggestions that the millions spent on creating new venues for the Olympics would be a waste, stating: “I think it is time to tear up any notion of the Olympics leaving behind white elephants.”

He also claimed that the entire cost of the Olympics could be justified in one sweeping statement – the fact that the Games “have the power to change people’s lives”. His positive attitude was echoed by the president of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Togge and Jeremy Hunt.

Hunt, the secretary for culture, media and sport, called the Games a “big achievement” for London.