Story of those sharing the Royal wedding date

The Royals yesterday announced their wedding date, April 29th 2010 – but what of the everyday couples who are also planning for that special day? BBC News spoke to some of the happily engaged twosomes who are now having to share their big day with a couple slightly more famous.

Birmingham pair Robert Ashby and Angela Smith have been planning their wedding for months, and were “90 percent there” with their plans when they heard the new, having booked their wedding reception venue, caterers, as well as the all-important purchases of the dress, suit and rings.

Confident that they had avoided any clashes – such as missing the World Cup, respecting the FA Cup final or other national events – they were shocked at the news.

“Now our guests have a choice: stay at home, line the streets, or come to our wedding. We thought we were alright!” says Ashby.

Another couple are experiencing some spooky similarities – not on the date of their wedding – but of the way he proposed “in Africa”, the respective ages of the couples, and most importantly, their names.

Dubbed “the other Will and Kate” by The Sun newspaper,  Kate Lawton and William Yates are looking forward to a summer wedding in 2011. “It’s all very uncanny,” says Lawton, “The fact William and I share the names of the royal couple was something that never occurred to either of us before last week.”

“The royal engagement has been in the media so much these last few days, that people have started commenting on the name similarity and other parallels.” the bride-to-be says.

However there is one thing everyone planning a wedding for April 29th will have in common – the tumultuous British weather. Meteorologists claim Kate can expect highs of around 13 degrees centigrade on her big day, with lows of 4 degrees, and a high chance of showers.