Streamline business meetings, claims expert

A meetings expert has taken to to explain why business meetings need to be invite-only and have their time managed to an appropriate level.

Marius Femi, writing for the site, has highlighted a number of tips on keeping meetings – whether they are in the local boardroom or booked into meeting venues in the city – engaging and productive.

He believes that only necessary staff should be invited into a meeting, suggesting that every single department need not attend if it is not relevant to them.

“Only invite the people that need to be there, so instead of the whole department just bring in the department leader,” he said. “Have the core people in the meetings and let everyone else get on with what they are doing. When you get in the zone and someone disrupts it, it gets annoying and well, unproductive.”

Furthermore, Femi believes that time wasting should be eradicated. Make it clear that all questions ‘should be asked at the end’ and set a time limit for such queries.

In addition, treat the meeting’s agenda like a ‘to-do list’, he writes.

“Make sure everything you want to be covered is covered, treat it like a to-do list with the most important at the top and then go down,” he added.

Femi’s advice follows a blog post on by Robert C. Pozen, which suggests limiting invitations to only those employees who are ‘vitally necessary’.