StubHub set for UK launch

eBay is preparing to launch its secondary tickets website in the UK.

The website – called Stubhub – is the largest secondary tickets provider in the U.S and will soon be providing Brits with an opportunity to grab tickets for a variety of events; from music festivals to club nights at the various party venues London has to offer.

According to The Financial Times, representatives from eBay chose the UK for Stubhub’s first foray into Europe because they felt Brits are more comfortable purchasing second-hand tickets online than those in other countries.

They also claimed that Brits used internet retailers at a rate higher than anywhere else in the continent.

The company’s co-founder, Eric Baker, claimed the move would make it far safer for Brits to purchase second-hand event tickets online.

Speaking to, he said: “StubHub moving into the UK market is not surprising, if anything it was surprising that it took this long. If you were going to eBay to buy tickets, it’s sort of like buying a car without seatbelts. We came over here with a safer, more secure option for fans.”  

Stubhub has continued to run as a separate company since eBay purchased it for hundreds of millions back in 2007. Many eBay users in America still use the website to sell event tickets, but nowhere near to the level which Stubhub is used.

The UK launch is expected to take place before the end of the year.