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Style expert tells winter brides to forget about the cold

Brides holding their wedding in the winter months as opposed to the more popular season of summer have been told to brush aside their worries about feeling cold.

Style expert Alison Cotton highlights that people spend a lot less time outside their wedding venue they actually think, which means there’s little danger of them feeling too chilly on their big days.

The proprietor of bridalwear specialist Abbey Brides, Ms Cotton said many brides come to her with worries about feeling cold. She believes this is only a small concern but still had some tips for the worried.

“The first thing to consider is how to keep your feet warm, as starting the day with cold feet – excuse the pun – is not a good start,” she told “This can be simply achieved by choosing an enclosed shoe, rather than open-toe footwear.”

Ms Cotton went on to recommend the wearing of a fur wrap, jacket or shrug for outside, claiming these garments would do a good job of complimenting a strapless dress.

She acknowledged that bridesmaids will also need to prepare for winter and mooted reds, greens, and golds as possible colour ideas for their dresses. writer Izzy Hicks believes blue shades like navy are the best for bridesmaids over winter, although any colour could work with the right toning. 

As for the brides, Ms Cotton approved of richer-looking dresses created using a darker ivory colour. “A heavier material can also be used to create this look and keep you a bit warmer,” she added.